APT-RMC London Mill Backcountry Trip


We are excited to invite you to a unique event at the North London Mill site near Alma, Colorado!

The North London Mill is located approximately 5 miles west of Alma, Colorado on Park County Route 12 up Mosquito Gulch. North London Mill Preservation, Inc., led by Jeff Crane and Kate McCoy, is currently working toward rehabilitation of the Mill Office building and Mill building on the site. The Office building will someday be a backcountry hut, with the mill building as a unique site feature, perhaps available for outdoor events and educational programming. The project is just getting started, but much research has been recently completed in preparation for work beginning in Summer of 2018.

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018 we will be hosting a ski / snowshoe trip to the North London Mill Site. Led by Jeff Crane and Kate McCoy, the group will meet in Alma at 10:00 and proceed to the Mill site from there. Participants in the event must be capable of snowshoeing 4 miles (total round-trip) at an elevation of 11,200 or be an intermediate level back-country skier, able to handle that distance and elevation.

All participants must provide their own equipment including the following:
• Snowshoes or backcountry ski equipment
• Food (including lunch and snacks)
• Water
• Oxygen (highly recommended)
• Appropriate clothing for the weather

Friends and family members are welcome to participate in the event but must meet the above requirements.

There is a minimum donation of $30 for APT-RMC members and $40 for non-members for the event. All proceeds will be donated to North London Mill Preservation, Inc. and will be used for rehabilitation efforts at the site.

Registration and payment can be accessed at the following link. If you are interested in carpooling to Alma from the Denver area, please indicate that preference when you register so we can coordinate with everyone.

Join us for a fun day of skiing and snowshoeing and get a taste of the Mill site!

Registration is two parts:

  1. Send payment via paypal button.
    1. APT-RMC Members Click Here
    2. Non-Members Click Here
  2. Fill out registration form below.




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