Providence House Window Restoration

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In August of 2015 the first phase of a window restoration project began at Providence House. The mansion was originally the home of Hal Sayre, a mining engineer who moved to Denver in 1872. Known as the Alhambra House, Sayre was inspired by a vacation through Spain, therefore the home was designed with Moorish detailing. The Providence Network purchased the mansion in 1988 and renamed it Providence House. The organization facilitates empowerment and healing of individuals recovering from addictions, abuse and homelessness.

Hal_Sayre_residence 1948 Exterior

Hal Sayre was the first trained engineer in this pioneer country, and when the basic mining law was passed by Congress in 1872, he was the first Deputy Mineral Surveyor appointed under the terms of this Act. The Territorial legislators decided the time had come to lay out the first counties, and Hal Sayre ran the first county line – that between Gilpin and Boulder Counties…..Hal Sayre laid out the town of Central City, and the surrounding settlements of Nevadaville, Russel Gulch, and Black Hawk, and surveyed nearly all of the early claims. Many surveys for patents were undertaken for miners who had not the money to pay for the work. Father would accept one-third, or one-fourth, or one-sixth interest in the claim for the surveying, and in the course of years this resulted in part or whole ownership of literally hundreds of claims throughout Gilpin, Clear Creek and Boulder Counties.  – “Hal Sayre – Fifty-Niner” by Robert H. Sayre. The Colorado Magazine Vol. XXXIX No. 3 July 1962

Moorish_arched_between_music__drawing_rooms 1948 Living Room

In partnership with Historic Denver, the Providence Network received a State Historical Fund Grant to restore the north and east windows. The large double-hung with transom windows at the North bay were in critical condition and temporary stabilization had been placed to prevent further loss until the project could begin.

15-0722 Northeast Corner (1)

View of the North and East elevations of the building


North bay stained glass window


Moorish Stained Glass Upper Sash at Window Shop


Stained Glass Mock-up Review

Phase I of the window restoration will be completed in December 2016. The restoration work is being undertaken by Heritage Window Restoration and Watkins Stained Glass Studio. Humphries Poli is the Architect.

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